Disability benefits help cover your expenses when you can’t work. You’re covered for both short and long periods of time.

What it Covers
You have a combination of short- and long-term disability benefits to cover time away from work due to illness, injury, or other medical conditions.

Type of Disability When it Starts/Ends Pay Replacement Received Fine Print
Short-Term Disability (STD) Starts: Immediately
Ends: At the end of 52 weeks
First 12 weeks: Full pay
Remaining 40 weeks: 70% of pay
Paid by: Netflix
California employees: California provides a disability wage replacement program called SDI that, unlike Netflix’s STD benefit, is nontaxable. Considerations related to taking Netflix’s benefit over SDI are outlined in communications you’ll receive upon starting your STD. 

If you’re contributing a supplemental amount to the Netflix Stock Option Program, your benefit is calculated based on your adjusted salary.
Disability (LTD)
Starts: When STD ends
Ends: Until you reach Social Security retirement age (provided you are disabled until this point)
70% of pay
(maximum: $20,000/month)
Paid by: Liberty Mutual (once your claim is approved)

Disability Defined

Typically, disability is defined as a period of time when you can’t perform your job because of injury, sickness, pregnancy, or other medical conditions. (If your leave is related to pregnancy or new child bonding, read about time off for maternity, paternity, and adoption).

Time Off When It’s Not You Who Needs Help

Netflix also recognizes the need for time away when you’re caring for a family member. Find out about paid time off for leaves related to caring for ill family members and other situations. Read more…