Employee Giving Program

At Netflix, you have the ability to impact the world through the work you do, revolutionizing television and sharing great storytelling globally. We realize you may also want to make an impact in a more personal way by giving to the charitable organizations you care about. We want to do our part to support you and the organizations important to you.

How It Works - Program Guidelines
Through the Employee Giving Program site supported by Benevity, you can donate any amount to any qualified charity. Netflix will match your contribution up to $10,000 (or local currency equivalent), in a calendar year, to any eligible charity. True to our freedom and responsibility culture, we don’t put a lot of constraints around what charities are eligible for Netflix match other than our Netflix contribution going to charities who certify their practices are legal and adhere to IRS 501(c)(3) rules (or country equivalent). 

Here are a few more details on how the program works with additional FAQs.
  • You have the ability to contribute to charities directly through the Employee Giving Program site. You can also donate to charities outside the site and still be eligible for Netflix match provided the charity meets our Netflix match criteria. We won’t require you to upload a receipt to prove your donation. We trust you’ll be honest. 
  • If you don’t see a charity in the database, you can nominate one.
  • You have a choice to make a one-time donation or recurring donations through various payment methods. 
  • You can also give a charitable gift card! 

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Donation Processing Time