Life and Serious Accidental Injury

In the event harm comes to one of our employees, we want them and their loved ones taken care of. 

What it Covers
In the sad and unfortunate event that an employee passes away, Netflix provides a $1.5 million pre-tax USD equivalent benefit to the employee's designated beneficiary.  We're asked how this benefit came to be, and the answer is simple: When the need arose. After an employee working at Netflix passed suddenly, Netflix provided a $1 million benefit (this increased to $1.5 million in 2018) to the family to help lessen their worry. That decision has since become Netflix practice.  

Netflix also provides you a $400,000 benefit for serious accidental injury.

 Event  Netflix-Provided Benefit
Death (accident and non-accident) In the unfortunate event that a Netflix employee passes away, we are committed to providing their nominated beneficiary a $1.5 million pre-tax USD equivalent benefit.
Accident resulting in serious injury, but not death Up to $400,000 based on injury

For the Netflix $1.5 million life plan and any grandfathered optional employee life and/or accidental death and dismemberment coverage you may have, you will need to name a beneficiary or beneficiaries.  A beneficiary is a person who receives the benefit.  Be sure to name your beneficiary or beneficiaries when you first enroll.  You can change your beneficiary at any time in Workday.