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Our Vision Plan covers eye exams, frames, lenses, and more.

What it Covers
We offer one vision plan through Vision Service Plan (VSP), a provider with one of the most comprehensive networks of optometrists and vision care specialists in the U.S.

With allowances, discounts, and no or low copays, the plan makes it cost-effective to get your annual eye exam and buy frames, prescription lenses, and contact lenses, too.

For a complete list of what’s covered, refer to the plan details. Also, check out our 2018 premiums.

How it Works
You can use VSP’s network of providers and specialists and save money, but you have the option of going outside the network and seeing any provider you want. When you get in-network services, you’ll be responsible for a copay—a flat amount based on the service received. Please note that VSP does not issue member ID cards. When obtaining service from a participating VSP provider, the Netflix Group ID 12130543 and your Social Security Number (SSN) will serve as proof of coverage.

If you go out-of-network, you pay the full service cost up front and are then reimbursed up to the maximum amount per service. 

Savings Tip!

Refer to the plan details to review the reimbursement levels. Avoid unexpected costs—confirm your provider is in the network by contacting the provider’s office or checking on VSP’s website.